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Guardian #1932 – September 14, 2020 – click here for index of articles.

It’s official: we’re in recession

Australia’s economy is officially in recession. Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, a measure of the wealth produced, shrank by 7.2 per cent in the three months leading to 30th June. The number of unemployed or underemployed totals a staggering 2.5 million with the worst most likely to come.  more ...

Coalition-ALP tag team against the working class

In recent weeks, the bourgeois duopoly that runs our government have been a little careless in revealing their true class allegiances.  more ...

Long live the Communist Youth of Chile

The Communist Party of Australia fraternally greets the 88th anniversary of the Communist Youth of Chile.  more ...

What does freedom really mean?

The recent rallies around Australia protesting against restrictive measures to combat the pandemic are emblematic of intensifying contradictions within liberal ideology and its material basis in Australia.   more ...

The importance of the industry

Wharfies are employed in enterprises. Working in locked gates that are industrially symbolic of an enterprise cage. The optics match the political reality. Previous industry forms of employment have been smashed by the ruling class. The broader unity and solidarity of workers being in the same industry boat was replaced by putting workers in a different boat, in enterprises, but we all remain on the same waters and the industry vision of workers should never be put aside but continually fought for.  more ...

Marxism and the NDIS

On 28th August, the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Stuart Robert, announced that the government will be implementing reforms to the NDIS for 2021.  more ...

Review: Tales Of Wo-Chi-Ca

Having always revered the great Paul Robeson, I found this book on a possibly little-known part of his life extremely relevant during this painful time in America’s history which has given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.  more ...

Follow the uprising, the Trotskyist said

Socialist Alternative (SAlt), in their paper Red Flag, published an article with the title “Communists must support uprisings everywhere.” In it, they say the 90s and 00s were an easier time for supporting uprisings as the US “seemed to have achieved permanent global hegemony.” However, they say two “recent international uprisings” have, for some people, complicated solidarity efforts: the Arab Spring and the “unending series of international rebellions that began in 2019.”  more ...

No recognition for Chilean fascists

All progressives and democrats will be shocked and angered by the brutal murder of President Allende of Chile, the massacre of the Chilean people, the arrest of government ministers and the overthrow of the democratically elected government by a military-fascist coup.  more ...

Leader Kim Jong Un sends open letter

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a typhoon-stricken area of South Hamgyong Province on 5th September and sent an open letter to all the Party Members in Pyongyang.  more ...

Communist Party of Turkey will celebrate 100th birthday

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) calls on its members and friends to meet at 500 points all around Turkey and abroad to welcome its 100th foundation anniversary.  more ...

Now is not the time to scale back Jobkeeper

Workers, who have been left in the lurch with a reduced rate and even harsher eligibility as JobKeeper changes were passed in Parliament yesterday [1st September], have today learned of Australia’s first recession in thirty years.  more ...

Republicans’ rabid anti-communism

Joe McCarthy would fit right in at this year’s Republican National Convention (RNC). Denouncing communists — both real and, more often than not, imaginary — was the bread and butter for the 1950s red-baiting senator from Wisconsin. At the dawn of the Cold War, the bogeyman of the Soviet Union was the stick used to beat back a strong labor movement and a growing left in the United States. Today, Trump and the GOP are trying the same trick. History repeats. But as the granddaddy of communism, Karl Marx, might say, if McCarthyism was the tragedy, then the anti-socialist antics of the Republicans are surely the farce.  more ...

Green Capital against the Working Class

XR is back. Yesterday swarms of idealistic citizens young and old, worker and student, precarious, off-grid and cringingly middle class, once again descended on central London to wreak havoc in protest at the government’s inaction around the climate change crisis – occupying Parliament Square, blocking off roads and encouraging supporters to be arrested as martyrs to the cause.  more ...


This web page was last updated: Monday, September 14, 2020


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