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Draft Leaflet for a housing campaign in the Sydney district

The Communist Party of Australia fights for an expanded and improved national, publicly funded housing program.

Government has a responsibility to provide public housing for ordinary families and individuals. It cannot rely on the private rental and purchase market to do this, especially with costs increasingly out of reach and housing stock too often in poor condition.

Housing crisis

Housing affordability has fallen to its lowest level ever, yet over the past decade more than $3 billion was taken out of public housing. $2 billion was injected back into Housing NSW for economic stimulation but that was used to further privatise!

This has created a crisis, especially for low-income families.

Almost. 500,000 lower-income households are already in housing stress and this will rise to one million by 2020.

Both the big old parties are talking about reforming planning laws to help private developers increase housing stock. But a home is a human right, not just another way for the rich to make even more money.

Stop privatisation

In Waterloo, Redfern, Cowper Street (Glebe) and other Sydney suburbs, government has public-private redevelopment plans.

The motive is privatisation of valuable publicly owned inner-city sites, piece by piece, over time.

It is criminal to privatise the dwindling stock of public housing when there is a housing affordability crisis.

Communist Party of Australia fights to save and expand public housing,
force government to accept its responsibilities for the well-being of the people,
and provide good quality, affordable, well-maintained public housing.


Communists have a proud record of fighting for public housing and for a better deal for public housing tenants.

Communists have been in the front line of battles to stop evictions in Redfern and other areas of the inner city during the Depression in the 1930s. They were in the front line of the “Green Bans” to protect historical Sydney suburbs in the 1970s.

We pledge to go on fighting for:

  • Public housing must be accessible, good quality, affordable, well-maintained and safe.
  • Government to increase funding for public housing.
  • Governments to use their powers to control rents; rents to be based on a set percentage of the tenant’s income.
  • Governments to plan development in response to social needs, not the wishes of greedy developers.
  • Government to take responsibility for the provision of basic infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the community.
  • Government to support for those unable to provide for themselves.

Add local branch contacts here

Housing stress

Check out this local council league table of housing stress in Sydney suburbs.


Hands Off Glebe

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