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CPA documents

Party Statements

CPA Policies

CPA Constitution – Adopted 1992 and amended 1996, 2005, 2013, 2017

CPA Program – adopted 2005 and amended 2017

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 2017

CPA Industrial Relations system for working people – published 2011

How the CPA works

Can we move the ALP to left by joining it?

Comments on an Infantile Disorder in Australia – Central Committee November 2012

Hot Earth – The case for planning and regulation to deal with the climate crisis. (Published 2011)

A Proposal for a people’s government – a CPA discussion paper

Migrants and refugees – a CPA policy statement

Peace Action Kit

CPA National Congress

Resolutions, Guardian articles, photos, what delegates had to say can be found on our CPA Nation Congress page. It covers the 2013, 2009, 2005, and 2001 Congresses.

CPA presents

Nugan Hand by Joan Coxsedge

Nugan Hand A tale of drugs, dirty money, the CIA and the ousting of the Whitlam government – An “Unbank” and its CIA connections

Joan Coxsedge is a political activist, artist and writer who authored Thank God for the Revolution (1984), Cold Tea for Brandy (2013), Old Cuba, World Heritage (2014), and co-authored Rooted in Secrecy (1982).

Printed and published in 2017 by the Guardian.

How the Steel Was Tempered by Nikolai Ostrovsky

This classic book has been transferred from an edition translated by R Prokofiev from the Russian original.

It includes the illustrations by A Reznichenko.

It comes in two parts in PDF form.

Part 1  Part 2

It is free to download, although any contributions to Press Fund would be greatly appreciated.


Australian politics

Militarising Australia

A Brief history of Australian unionism and the role of the Communist Party by Warren Smith

The strategy and tactics of the MUA dispute by David Matters

Good Planets Are Hard to Find by Dr Hannah Middleton and Erna Bennett

How Super is Super? by Anna Pha

The rush to privatisation by Anna Pha

The DSP's attempt to dress Trotsky in Lenin's clothes by David Matters

Howard's Way: destroying Medicare, feeding insurance companies by Dr Con Costa

Howard's 1996 Industrial Relations Legislation by Anna Pha

Award stripping by Anna Pha


Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels

Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism by V I Lenin

Socialism and Religion Marx, Engels, Lenin


Fidel Castro talks to Intellectuals – Our Duty is to Struggle by Fidel Castro and left intellectuals on world politics.

The importance of alternative media – talks given by Anna Pha and Jake Lynch

The US war on terrorism — what is the real agenda? by Dr Hannah Middleton

What you should know about Star Wars – A topical study guide by Dr Hannah Middleton

Out of their mouths: planning the New World Order by Anna Pha

The Failed States Doctrine what you should know about Star Wars — a topical study guide

Was the war in Afghanistan planned before September 11?

A Dialogue between Islam and Communism

TNC Dictatorship by Anna Pha

The TNCs' New World Order by Anna Pha

ENRON: Capitalism in a nutshell by Anna Pha

Perestroika — a balance sheet by Peter Symon


The heroic legacy of the Iraqi Communist Party by Prakash Karat

Recolonising the Solomon Islands

ZIMBABWE: The struggle for land, the struggle for independence by Rob Gowland

BOUGAINVILLE: The long struggle for freedom by Moses Havini

Australia’s history

A book about Australia’s radical history – Free digital edition of Bertha Walker’s 1972 book Solidarity Forever!

The book provides detailed accounts of many of the radical and socialist struggles in Australia in the early 20th century.

Go to the web site or download PDF version (Approximately 10 MB so it may take awhile to download. Preface includes background material from website.)

Resources – archival material

CPA documents

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 2013

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 2009

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 2005

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 2001

CPA Political Resolution – adopted 1996


CPA Program adopted 2005

CPA Program – adopted 1992 & 1996


CPA Constitution – Adopted 1992 and amended 1996, 2005, 2013

CPA Constitution - Adopted 1992 and amended 1996, 2005

SPA Constitution – Adopted 1981, amended 1984, 1988


Democratic rights

Are you a terrorist?


No War Fair! – Stop APDSE! – Leaflet put out by CPA South Australia (2008)

Defence White Paper proforma (2008)

Missile Defence proforma (2008)

Maternity leave

Paid maternity leave – some notes (2008)


Howard's way on health: Destroying Medicare & Feeding Insurance Companies

Medicare – save it! – leaflet


Power to the people! NO privatisation of electricity (NSW)

Transnational corporations

NO TO MAI! A Charter of Rights for TNCs – This special report by Anna Pha outlines some of the key features of the draft Multilateral Agreement on Investment and what they would mean in practice. It appeared in The Guardian on April 15, 1998.



Against the US war of conquest - list of Guardian articles and Party statements

The real reasons for the upcoming war in Iraq

The enemy within - Gore Vidal (27/10/2002)

Darfur: statement by Communist Party of Sudan

Bomb by Bomb, Japan Sheds Military Restraints (23/07/2007)


The present international situation, the economic and world crisis and its impact on Cuba – Fidel Castro (02/11/2001)

Russian base closure – Official note of the Government of The Republic of Cuba (17/10/2001)

25th anniversary of a terrorist attack on a Cubana airliner in 1976 – Declaration by the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Republic of Cuba (04/10/2001)

May Day

South Ausrtralia

2013 – Pamphlet from SA May Day Collective

Communist Youth

Bright Red

A magazine that was put out by Communist Youth in Australia, 2001-2003.

No 1: Autumn 2001

No 2: Winter 2001

No 3: Autumn 2002

No 4: Winter 2003




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